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Our Mahi

Gizzy Kai Rescue is committed to making a positive impact on the environment through food waste minimisation.

By reducing the amount of food going to landfill we are reducing  carbon emissions from both the decomposition of the food in landfill and from freight transporting the waste.

This is an area where Gizzy Kai Rescue can also support businesses and event coordinators with ideas and tips on food waste minimisation and formatting plans when there is a possibility of food surplus.

Paper Recycling Bin

Walking the Talk

Through a GHG emissions assessment of our operation we have achieved my Imprint 'Measure' status this means we have measured our carbon emissions for one year and are working on how to improve our operation, how to reduce emissions, and be even more environmentally conscious.

Ways we operate more sustainably ,simple actions such as:

  • Monitoring and maintaining  cool storage temperature at optimum levels

  • Planning kai pickups to reduce vehicle use

  • Turning off the lights.

  • Sending unsuitable kai out as animal food or to worm farms 

  • Recycling

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