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Become a Food Donor

AKA food rescue champion

Food rescue can provide an environmental and social solution to food waste in your business.

Setting up to have Gizzy Kai Rescue collect surplus and rescue food is easy and we can pickup regularly ,seasonally or on an adhoc basis.

Best of all by diverting surplus and rescue food you are supporting people experiencing food insecurity, the environment and reducing costs for your business.

Check out the video and FAQ's below.

  • Why Gizzy Kai Rescue (GKR)?
    We have a proven track record ,since 2018 we have safely rescued and diverted over 200 ton of kai. We are also members of Aotearoa Food Rescue Alliance.
  • What type of businesses can GKR rescue food from?
    GKR can collect kai from food retailers, wholesalers, growers and packhouses, hospitality and event surplus.
  • How do we sign up?
    Just get in touch for a no obligation chat.
  • How do we know what types of food we can give you?
    We'll go through this with you (and you team) and also provide a Food Donor Guide to help you.
  • What are the liability implications for our business?
    Under the food act 2014- Section 352 'Immunity for food donors' there are protections in place as part of the Good Samaritans Act.
  • Who gets the food?
    We collaborate with fifteen plus community groups who collect and distribute kai daily to people in need. These registered groups have an agreement with Gizzy Kai Rescue to distributed food safely to those in need.
  • What do you do with food not suitable for consumption?
    All food that Gizzy Kai Rescue collects is checked ,sorted and recorded. Any food deemed unsuitable for consumption is diverted to animal feed, a worm farm or compost.
  • What else can GKR do?
    Want reduce food waste at your business, in your workplace tea room or an event? We can also help with some ideas, tips and support.
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